This short course supports participants to develop the use of setting based inquiry as a tool for supporting professional development in early years settings, including the use of learning walks.

Course modules will include a focus on the following aspects:

  • Theories and models of reflective practice.
  • Approaches and methods in the design of learning walks and curriculum inquiry.
  • The use of learning walks as a method of inquiry, developing a collective understanding of approaches to curriculum in early years settings.

The course is designed to prompt reflection on understandings and constructions of curriculum inspired by appreciative inquiry and action research approaches, supporting educators to undertake curriculum focused inquiries within their own settings.

Across the modules we will share and discuss perspectives on early childhood curriculum and its development within ECEC settings.  Through text, videos and the sharing of research findings, the course will encourage participants to reflect upon the development of curriculum within their own settings.  Participants will consider the use of reflective methodologies and tools in order to support the development of a setting based inquiry into curriculum. 

The modules include self-study and guided content and will each take no more than 20-30 minutes to complete.  The course can be attempted individually, however we recommend undertaking in pairs or as part of a staff team.